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Privacy Policy – Look Air Travel

The website visitors are often referred to as: Users/Customers/Passengers. The term Privacy Policy, herein referred as “Policy” is the documentation that looks into the manner in which the information is collected, used and saved on the website.

  • LookAirTravel and is committed towards maintaining the manner in which the Personal Information of the Customer/User is used and protected on the website. We work towards maintaining the trust and loyalty between the customers/users.
  • We may extract computer information from various resources and no part of this information shall relate to the personal data.
  • LookAirTravel and for that matter shall use the information provided by the Users, Passengers and/or the Customers with the aim to process the flight bookings seamlessly besides maintaining the travel arrangements and miscellaneous purchases.
  • The Personal Information provided to us will be used in processing the travel booking, purchasing our services and/or interact with LookAirTravel and
  • The Policy document is meant to address the concern with obligatory requirements for protection of the privacy, which is in enforcement. LookAirTravel and have mandated on the specific policies and relevant procedures that would entail the protection of personal information. Our Privacy Policy is updated regularly depending on the ongoing legal protocols.

Scope of the Privacy Policy

The Policy has provisions that shall apply legally over the complete Personal Information of the Customers/Passengers/Users. LookAirTravel and have taken all the reasonable and responsive measures to ensure that the representatives, business partners, agents and all other members comply as well as adhere to the legit Privacy Protection policies.

How the Personal Information is defined?

The personal information identifiable by the 3rd Party websites does not come within the privacy policy. It is therefore recommended that the Privacy Policies on the websites should be reviewed carefully under several segments. We process the private information relating to the Check-in, distinctive dietary requirements, the need for medical assessment, and the airline boarding pass.

While communicating with us through the Social Media, Online, or Email, your information will be stored in the repository. In case there are pictures and/or videos, each of these elements will also be stored with us. All the telephone calls will also be recorded for the purpose of training or to limit the Users, Passengers and Customers from the occurrence of the fraud.

The information with respect to flight ticket bookings or the feedback of the customers, and/or other interactions will made through us on previous accounts shall be saved. Information can be retrieved at any point of time.

We may also most likely gather information of the IP Address, Type of Browser, Operating Systems, apart from the Web-Browsing Behavior and Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) if the User/Passenger/Customer navigates our website.

Complex and Personalized Information

Personalized information like the state of your mental health, or ethnic statistics, or cultures, or legal obligations, or physical and mental health, or occurrences of offences could be collected by the website at any point of time.

Connection Established for the Administrative and/or Operational Reasons

There may be several reasons where a contact is established by LookAirTravel, or for administrative or operational purposes, and such events may arise in situations where:

  • Information is desired by the Passengers/Customers/Users on travel itineraries;
  • Conformation on the flight ticket and the payments is to be made;
  • Marketing communication is sent to Passengers/Customers/Users on travel itineraries and flights;
  • Advisory is sent on flight disruption or changes in the flight schedules.


We recommend that you get in touch with us in case there are any queries or comments or you are interested in knowing the the specifics on international flights and their precise timings. LookAirTravel or as well as our agents will not collect or store any type of personal information in the repository. We maintain and adhere to stringent policies with regards to personal information of the Customers/Passengers/Users.

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